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BitMeter 2 Change Log


3.6.0 [Released: 1 June 2014]

  • Added Windows 8.1 support by targeting .NET Runtime 4.5.1
  • Minor bug fixes

3.5.10 [Released: 14 August 2010]

  • Bug fix to prevent spike in readings following sleep or hibernation
  • Croatian translation
  • Updated codebox update URL

3.5.9 [Released: 24 January 2010]

  • Many new translations including French, Russian, Spanish, German, Danish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, Czech and Slovak
  • Updated codebox URLs

3.5.8 [Released: 8 November 2008]

  • Bug fix for laptop sleep/suspend mode
  • Various translations

3.5.7 [Released: 8 May 2008]

  • Added Surge Protection feature
  • Portuguese and Chinese translations

3.5.6 [Released: 9 March 2008]

  • Moved config files out of install directory into 'Application data' folders for better Vista compatibility
  • Installer improvements, better error msgs, link for Windows Scripting Runtime download

3.5.5 [Released: 30 September 2007]

  • Installer improvements - better cleanup, copes better if app is running when user runs (un)install
  • Settings and Stats Grid screens now sized correctly for non-standard DPIs
  • Concurrency fixes for history file access

3.5.4 [Released: 23 September 2007]

  • Minor bug fix to web server
  • Minor bug fix to InfoPane for Scroll Interval > 1

3.5.3 [Released: 15 April 2007]

  • Vista compatibility fixes

3.5.2 [Released: 2 September 2006]

  • Fixed colour scheme bug

3.5.1 [Released: 22 July 2006]

  • Adjustable web interface colours
  • Show DL/UL in Readout option added
  • Show Readout Border option duplicated on Readout Settings
  • Added Content-Type header into web server responses
  • Confirmation dialog added on Delete Colour Scheme
  • Installer adjusts permissions on install folder
  • Copes better with multiple adapters with the same MAC address (VPNs usually)

3.5.0 [Released: 12 February 2006]

  • Removed user registration, now registered by default
  • Minor bug fixes

3.4.2 [Released: 15 January 2006]

  • Allow smaller (non-integer) limits on ISP Restriction screen
  • Added option to ensure main window on-screen at startup
  • Added Fat Lines option for Line Graph
  • Installer enhancements (OS detection, added Help File shortcut on Start Menu)
  • Bug fix for main window transparency
  • Miscellaneous tab-order and field-length fixes
  • Bug fix for certain scroll-interval/interval-bar value combinations
  • Fixed broken links on Settings screen

3.4.1 [Released: 7 January 2006]

  • Bug fix for web interface timeout issue on Internet Explorer
  • Bug fix for web interface stats refresh Internet Explorer
  • Bug fix for InfoPane units on Statistics screen

3.4.0 [Released: 4 January 2006]

  • Added Web Interface
  • 'Export to CSV' option added to Statistics Grids
  • Usability changes to 'Check for new version' screen
  • Added alternative icon set
  • Configurable Tray Icon caption
  • Redesigned Colour Selection screen
  • Added 'Hide Readout Area' option
  • Configurable Readout font sizes
  • Made Tray Icon click behaviour configurable
  • 'Copy Error Details' button now copies all errors, not just the current one
  • Bug fix for 'Float' option
  • Bug fix to validation in Settings screen

3.3.1 [Released: 3 December 2005]

  • Bug fix for Scroll Interval >1

3.3.0 [Released: 30 November 2005]

  • Audio notifications added
  • Improved auto-adjust scale response
  • Use Overlap Colour option added
  • Interval bars added
  • Display graph max. value option added
  • Backup of data files
  • Bug fix for colours on Diagnostics screen
  • Bug fix for panel size on Settings screen
  • Various minor bug fixes

3.2.1 [Released: 5 November 2005]

  • Max and Min added to Stopwatch
  • Improved Help File detection
  • Bug fix for Months Grid
  • Minor fixes

3.2.0 [Released: 1 November 2005]

  • Added ISP Restriction screen
  • Colour Schemes
  • Stopwatch code optimised
  • Stopwatch fields configurable, added average speeds and combined total
  • Option to always run Stopwatch on startup
  • Adjustable Stopwatch font size
  • Web Proxy support added for version check
  • Settings screen re-organised
  • Combined upload/download totals added to Stats
  • Enhanced error reporting, errors now logged to file for support purposes
  • Diagnostic info screen added
  • Clicking on tray icon shows/hides main window
  • UID copied to clipboard on reg. link click
  • Option to auto-start for all users
  • Option to change InfoPane transparency added
  • InfoPane pretty-fied
  • Silent installer option added
  • Startup directory configurable via command-line arguments
  • More configurable appearance
  • MB/s and Mb/s options available for figures on main window
  • Statistics Grids now accessible from main menu
  • Old working reg. keys cached
  • Bug fix - High transfer values reported as negative
  • Bug fix - Dragging mouse over stats windows gives error

3.1.1 [Released: 17 September 2005]

  • Bug fix for Line Graph + AutoScale combination
  • Bug fix for 'Send to Tray'

3.1.0 [Released: 27 August 2005]

  • InfoPane (hover your mouse over part of the graph to see more information)
  • ClickThrough (allows mouse actions to be passed to windows underneath BitMeter)
  • Option to automatically check for new versions
  • Option to dynamically adjust vertical scale of the graph, according to current speed
  • Adjustable scroll interval (from 1 to 60 seconds)
  • Bar Graph/Line Graph option
  • Option to display UL/DL figures as kilobits/sec
  • More configurable user interface (more colours, more options)
  • Option to automatically start BitMeter minimised in the System Tray
  • Stopwatch status is reinstated on startup
  • Improved support for multiple displays
  • System Tray icon always available, and provides access to main menu
  • New improved System Tray icon
  • Clearer font used for UL/DL figures
  • Alt-Tab, Start Menu, and Install/Uninstall icons fixed
  • Bug fix for adapters disabled/enabled while application is running
  • 'Check for new version' screen now provides download link to CodeBox site
  • Implemented new UID generation algorithm, no longer based on MAC addresses
  • Help file updated, includes FAQ
  • Various bug fixes