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Things that I've written, mostly about programming

A Neural Network implemented in Python

A Python implementation of a Neural Network

Microtypes in Java

The Benefits and Costs of using Microtypes in Java

A Naive Bayesian Classifier in Python

A Python implementation of a Naive Bayesian Classifier

A Markov text generator

A Python implementation of a random text generator that uses a Markov Chain to create almost-realistic sentences.

Linear/Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent in Python

A Python library for performing Linear and Logistic Regression using Gradient Descent

Copy bookmarks between Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious etc

Copy bookmarks between Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, GitHub, StackOverflow and Twitter

Unit Testing Javabeans

A simple method for using reflection to unit test JavaBean classes with just a single line of code.

An Interview Question for Java Developers

An code review interview question for Java developers

Rate Limited Web Service Library

A JavaScript library for managing access to rate-limited web services

JavaScript Object Printer

This useful function produces a string containing the names and values of all the properties of an object

Accessing JSP values from JavaScript

Technique for providing safe, easy JavaScript access to data held in JSP variables.

Closures Explained

A simple step-by-step tutorial explaining the concept of Closures using JavaScript.

HTML Conditional Comments

A useful technique for separating Internet Explorer CSS rules from those intended for less 'special' browsers.

Virus found in BitMeter! ... not

AVG AntiSpyware is being somewhat over-enthusiastic, and currently classifies the latest BitMeter installer as a Trojan horse

BitMeter on Windows Vista

At first BitMeter looked like it would run with no problems on Windows Vista - then I started getting emails describing strange behaviour, upload/download figures that were way too high...

JavaScript Unit Tests

A simple method for producing robust JavaScript for form validation, or anything else

Two Letter .COM Domains

A grid showing where all the two-letter COM domains have gone.

URL Parsing from Java Servlets

How to access the various parts of a URL from within a Java Servlet

Hotline Nostalgia

Hotline Nostalgia