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Pages tagged 'JavaScript'

Pages about JavaScript development, or containing JavaScript widgets/demos

Reinforcement Learning Grid

Experiment with Reinforcement Learning using robots

Star Rise and Set Time Calculator

A browser-based utility for calculating the rising and setting times of stars

Bokeh Animation with JavaScript

Full-Screen Bokeh Animation with JavaScript

JavaScript Regular Expression Parser

A regular expression parser written in JavaScript

Homoglyph Detection

A big list of homoglyphs and some code to detect them

Convolutional Neural Network Designer

A utility for designing Convolutional Neural Networks with Tensorflow

A Top-Down Parser written in JavaScript

A top-down parser written in JavaScript

Moon/Planet Phases in JavaScript

A JavaScript library for creating realistic moon/planet phase shadows

Boggle Solver and Game

An online Boggle game, Boggle solver and web service

Analogue/Digital Clock

A clock that's both analog and digital

NetMo Network Monitor

A Python network traffic sniffer with HTML5 web interface.

Slightly Evil JavaScript

A collection of slightly evil JavaScript

Gravity Simulator

A simple gravity simulation written in JavaScript

Conway's Game of Life

A JavaScript implementation of Conway's famous Game of Life


A selection of bookmarklets (small JavaScript snippets that you can save as bookmarks in your browsers Favourites) - change any webpage with just a click

Starfield Simulation

Fly through space using only the power of JavaScript

Moment.js Date Range Plugin

A plugin for the moment.js JavaScript date library

Rate Limited Web Service Library

A JavaScript library for managing access to rate-limited web services

Mandelbrot Set Explorer

An experiment using Web Workers to create a multi-threaded Mandelbrot Set explorer in JavaScript

JavaScript Object Printer

This useful function produces a string containing the names and values of all the properties of an object

Accessing JSP values from JavaScript

Technique for providing safe, easy JavaScript access to data held in JSP variables.

Closures Explained

A simple step-by-step tutorial explaining the concept of Closures using JavaScript.

JavaScript Rotating Message

CPU cycles to waste? Website a little too legible? Maybe you need a Rotating Text Message...

JavaScript Bouncing Message

If you liked the Rotating Message then you'll probably like this as well

Disc World

A demonstration of some animation created using the new HTML canvas element - Flash-like coolness using only JavaScript and HTML

Code Syntax Highlighter

Applies syntax highlighting to Java, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, Python and Visual Basic source code (colouring keywords, comments and String literals). The resulting HTML can be used when including code in web pages or other documents, to improve legibility

UltraEdit Tag Completion Script

An UltraEdit script for automatically closing HTML/XML tags

UltraEdit Block Comment Script

An UltraEdit script for commenting/uncommenting blocks of code

Simple Fractals

An experiment using Web Workers to draw simple line-based fractals in JavaScript

JavaScript Unit Tests

A simple method for producing robust JavaScript for form validation, or anything else

JavaScript AutoSuggest Box

A drop-down list that can easily be attached to ordinary text boxes on a web page, to provide the user with a list of suggestions that updates as they type

User Tracking Software

Use this sophisticated piece of user-tracking software to monitor the activity of visitors to your site. Works even if the user's browser does not accept cookies

Box World

Another demonstration of the animation possibilities ofthe new HTML canvas element - 3D wireframe graphics using only HTML and JavaScript

Minimalist Twitter Client

A simple Twitter client, contained in a single HTML file.