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JavaScript AutoSuggest Box


A drop-down list that can easily be attached to ordinary text boxes on a web page, to provide the user with a list of suggestions that updates as they type.

The text boxes below each have a list attached, to display a list press Ctrl + Space while the cursor is inside one of the boxes, as you type the list is automatically narrowed down to contain only the words beginning with the letters that you have typed.

To navigate through the list, use the Up and Down cursor keys, the Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys also work. When the desired item has been selected just press Enter to insert the value into the box.

Numbers: List contains the numbers 'One' to 'Ten'
English Counties: List contains the English counties, eg 'Bedfordshire', 'Berkshire', 'Buckinghamshire'...
Dwarfs: List contains the Seven Dwarfs, eg 'Grumpy', 'Happy', 'Sleepy'...

Source code available here.