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Open source software available on the site

Maze Generator

A free open-source online maze generator

Old Time Radio

An internet radio station that streams shows from the Golden Age of Radio

Minimum Viable Blockchain written in Python

A working blockchain with Wallet and Miner applications, written in Python

Beatmatching Game

Try out your mixing skills with this online beatmatching game

Reinforcement Learning Grid

Experiment with Reinforcement Learning using robots

Gas Giant Infographics

Infographic posters that visualise data about the outer planets in our solar system

Generative Patterns

Web-based Generative Pattern Maker

Visualising NASA Exoplanet Data

A Python utility that uses NASA data to generate visualisations of known planetary systems

SVG Stars

Generate pretty animated SVG stars using JavaScript

SARSA λ in Python

A Python implementation of the SARSA Lambda Reinforcement Learning algorithm

Star Rise and Set Time Calculator

A browser-based utility for calculating the rising and setting times of stars

Landscape Generation with JavaScript

Generating realistic landscapes using JavaScript

Pokémon Go Cellular Automaton

A web-based Pokémon Go cellular automaton

Bokeh Animation with JavaScript

Full-Screen Bokeh Animation with JavaScript

A Neural Network implemented in Python

A Python implementation of a Neural Network

JavaScript Regular Expression Parser

A regular expression parser written in JavaScript

Simple Scheme Interpreter

A home-made interpreter for a sub-set of the Scheme programming language

Homoglyph Detection

A big list of homoglyphs and some code to detect them

Stellar Classification Parser

A library for parsing stellar classification codes

Wordle Solver Shell Script

A bash shell script for solving Wordle

HTTPS Certificate Expiry Checker

A Python script for checking when HTTPS certificates will expire

BitMeter OS

An open-source bandwidth meter with a sophisticated web interface, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX

Convolutional Neural Network Designer

A utility for designing Convolutional Neural Networks with Tensorflow

A Top-Down Parser written in JavaScript

A top-down parser written in JavaScript

Magnetic Pendulum

An interactive magnetic pendulum simulation that runs in your browser

Process Roulette

A shell script game that kills random processes on your computer

Meditation Timer Shell Script

A meditation timer shell script

Visualising the Structure of Common English Words using Python

A Python script for generating Sunburst Charts to visualise letter positions within words

Draw Star Charts using Python

A Python script to generate SVG star charts

Lunar Calendar Generator

A Python utility for generating HTML Lunar Calendars

Photomosaic Image Builder

A Python utility for creating mosaic images

Moon/Planet Phases in JavaScript

A JavaScript library for creating realistic moon/planet phase shadows

Video Barcode Script

This script generates beautiful barcode-style images from video files

Boggle Solver and Game

An online Boggle game, Boggle solver and web service

JavaScript Binary Heap

A JavaScript implementation of a Binary Heap

Analogue/Digital Clock

A clock that's both analog and digital

Image Augmentation for Machine Learning in Python

A Python script to perform image augmentation, useful for pre-processing machine learning image data sets

NetMo Network Monitor

A Python network traffic sniffer with HTML5 web interface.

A Naive Bayesian Classifier in Python

A Python implementation of a Naive Bayesian Classifier

A Markov text generator

A Python implementation of a random text generator that uses a Markov Chain to create almost-realistic sentences.

Linear/Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent in Python

A Python library for performing Linear and Logistic Regression using Gradient Descent

Slightly Evil JavaScript

A collection of slightly evil JavaScript

Copy bookmarks between Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious etc

Copy bookmarks between Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, GitHub, StackOverflow and Twitter

OSX Shell Script to Read a Web Page Aloud

A one-line OSX shell script to read a web page out loud


A selection of bookmarklets (small JavaScript snippets that you can save as bookmarks in your browsers Favourites) - change any webpage with just a click

Readable Regular Expressions Library

Java library for writing readable regular expressions.

Conway's Game of Life

A JavaScript implementation of Conway's famous Game of Life

Moment.js Date Range Plugin

A plugin for the moment.js JavaScript date library

Rate Limited Web Service Library

A JavaScript library for managing access to rate-limited web services

Custom Checkstyle Rule Helper

A Java class to simplify writing custom Checkstyle rules that examine class imports

JavaScript Rotating Message

CPU cycles to waste? Website a little too legible? Maybe you need a Rotating Text Message...

JavaScript Bouncing Message

If you liked the Rotating Message then you'll probably like this as well

TableSorter Script

A Greasemonkey script that allows you to sort the data in any table displayed in a web page

JavaScript Object Printer

This useful function produces a string containing the names and values of all the properties of an object

UltraEdit Block Comment Script

An UltraEdit script for commenting/uncommenting blocks of code

UltraEdit Tag Completion Script

An UltraEdit script for automatically closing HTML/XML tags

Windows FTP Script

This batch file will automatically connect to an FTP server and download a file of your choice

Windows NetView Script

This script establishes a null session with a Windows host, before running the standard net view command to list out the available shares. This technique will sometimes yield information that would be normally be denied without authentication

Run as System User

Devious use of the Windows scheduler can grant you System privileges

StayFresh Script

A GreaseMonkey script for automatically refreshing pages at specified intervals

Linux/UNIX Backup Script

Use this script to make regular system backups, and store them off site in a secure encrypted archive

Time Arithmetic Utility

A simple command-line utility to add and subtract time values

DOMClipper Script

A GreaseMonkey script for deleting unwanted items from a page, as you surf

JAR Search Script

Searches through all Java .jar files in the current directory, and in any sub-directories, looking for the class file that you specify. This can be very handy if you need to use a class in a Java programme, but aren't sure which .jar file contains it

JavaScript AutoSuggest Box

A drop-down list that can easily be attached to ordinary text boxes on a web page, to provide the user with a list of suggestions that updates as they type


An open source web-based log monitoring tool written in Java.

Scrabble Word Checker Script

A GreaseMonkey script that provides a convenient Scrabble/Lexulous dictionary lookup box

Linux Firewall Reboot Script

This script attempts to ping a list of well-known internet hosts, and if it fails to contact any of them will reboot the system. I have used this with great success on my IPCop firewall, which occasionally drops its internet connection and will reconnect if rebooted. Schedule this using cron to perform a connectivity check every 15 minutes