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Gas Giant Infographics


This Python script generates infographic posters that visualise data about the outer planets in our solar system. You can find some pre-generated diagrams in the GitHub repository for this project.

Jupiter Inforgraphic Saturn Inforgraphic
Uranus Inforgraphic Neptune Inforgraphic

The script has been written using Python 3, and has no external dependencies. To generate the diagrams just run the script from the root of the project:


The left-most section of each diagram shows the relative sizes of the orbits of each planet's moons:

Orbit Section

The right-most section shows the relative sizes of the moons themselves, with the radius of each shown in kilometers. At the top of this section the diagram shows a small part of the parent planet drawn at the same scale:

Radius Section

Each planet's ring system is illustrated in the top center section, with the planet's disc shown for scale:

Ring Section

The orbital paths of all the moons are shown in the center-right section, illustrating the size, shape and orientation of each:

Eccentricity Section

The rotational axis of each moon is shown in the bottom-center section:

Rotation Section

The source code is released under the MIT open source license and is available on GitHub.