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Things related to Space and Astronomy

Using a Neural Network to Classify Galaxies

A convolutional neural network for classifying images of galaxies

Gas Giant Infographics

Infographic posters that visualise data about the outer planets in our solar system

Visualising NASA Exoplanet Data

A Python utility that uses NASA data to generate visualisations of known planetary systems

SVG Stars

Generate pretty animated SVG stars using JavaScript

Star Rise and Set Time Calculator

A browser-based utility for calculating the rising and setting times of stars

Stellar Classification Parser

A library for parsing stellar classification codes

Draw Star Charts using Python

A Python script to generate SVG star charts

Lunar Calendar Generator

A Python utility for generating HTML Lunar Calendars

Moon/Planet Phases in JavaScript

A JavaScript library for creating realistic moon/planet phase shadows

Gravity Simulator

A simple gravity simulation written in JavaScript

Starfield Simulation

Fly through space using only the power of JavaScript