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Tools to enhance your web browser

Slightly Evil JavaScript

A collection of slightly evil JavaScript


A selection of bookmarklets (small JavaScript snippets that you can save as bookmarks in your browsers Favourites) - change any webpage with just a click

TableSorter Script

A Greasemonkey script that allows you to sort the data in any table displayed in a web page

StayFresh Script

A GreaseMonkey script for automatically refreshing pages at specified intervals

DOMClipper Script

A GreaseMonkey script for deleting unwanted items from a page, as you surf

User Tracking Software

Use this sophisticated piece of user-tracking software to monitor the activity of visitors to your site. Works even if the user's browser does not accept cookies

Scrabble Word Checker Script

A GreaseMonkey script that provides a convenient Scrabble/Lexulous dictionary lookup box

LinkQuery Script

A GreaseMonkey script for obtaining information about links on a web page