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Learning to play Connect 4 with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Using machine learning to play Connect 4

Reinforcement Learning Grid

Experiment with Reinforcement Learning using robots

Playing Blackjack with Machine Learning

Playing Blackjack with Reinforcement Learning

SARSA λ in Python

A Python implementation of the SARSA Lambda Reinforcement Learning algorithm

Pokémon Go Cellular Automaton

A web-based Pokémon Go cellular automaton

Wordle Solver Shell Script

A bash shell script for solving Wordle

Maze Generator

A free open-source online maze generator

Magnetic Pendulum

An interactive magnetic pendulum simulation that runs in your browser

Process Roulette

A shell script game that kills random processes on your computer

Boggle Solver and Game

An online Boggle game, Boggle solver and web service

Conway's Game of Life

A JavaScript implementation of Conway's famous Game of Life

Starfield Simulation

Fly through space using only the power of JavaScript

Zen Game

Online Zen game

Scrabble Word Checker Script

A GreaseMonkey script that provides a convenient Scrabble/Lexulous dictionary lookup box